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Helen Forder

March 2009


Augusta Waddington (later Lady Llanofer) was born at Ty Uchaf, Llanofer, on the 21st of March 1802, the youngest of six daughters. (The others were Harriet, born and died 1790; Frances, 1791 - 1876; Mary Ann, died 'in infancy' 1793; Emilia, 1794 - 1819; and Matilda born and died 1797). Her parents were Benjamin Waddington and Georgina Mary Ann (née Port).

Georgina Mary Ann was the daughter of John Port and his wife Mary (née D'Ewes); Mary's mother was Ann (née Granville), the sister Mary Granville (the well-known Mrs. Delany. At the age of seven Georgina was sent to live in London with her great-aunt (Mrs. Delany) to be 'polished', and was 'the light of Mrs. Delany's latter years'.

In 1823 Augusta Waddington married Benjamin Hall III of Abercarn, a joyous occasion since apart from the fact that two neighbouring estates were joined, it was 'a boy and girl romance', as Augusta was to say, many years later.
The Halls moved to Ty Uchaf, Llanofer, following the death of Mr. Waddington, Augusta's father, in 1828, Augusta needing to be with her mother to comfort her in her grief.

Benjamin and Augusta shared a dream - to build a house which would become a centre for Welsh culture, a place where bards, musicians, historians and academics could come to study, exchange views, and enjoy the society of like minded people.  This was achieved by 1837, and Llys Llanofer became renowned for its welcome to literary people, musicians, academics and historians.

Llys Llanofer, courtesy of Huw Roberts
Llys Llanofer (Llanofer Court)

Great parties were held at the Llys, where friends of the Hall's stayed during the Abergavenny eisteddfodau. Christmas too was a time of merriment with family, friends and tenants all joining in the festivities.



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