... once started I could hardly bear to put it down! What a tremendous volume of research ... compiled into a most interesting, readable, and valuable record of Lady Llanover's life ... an invaluable source of information, not only on Lady Llanover herself but also on the Welsh culture, language and rural life of Monmouthshire in the 19th century. I feel privileged indeed to be associated with [this] delightful book. It gives a much needed recognition of Lady Llanover's vast contribution to the support of our Welsh way of life. A lady 'before her time', resolute and fearless!
Olwen Jones, Abergavenny Cymerigyddion Society

... there is so much of interest that one has to go slowly to take it all in.
John Norris

It is a splendid edition and will do very well, I'm sure. ... an engaging narrative that gains much of its impact from the fact that its principal subjects are such attractive characters; its success springs equally from the enthusiasm and perception of its author.
Tony Hopkins, Archivist, Gwent Archives

Fe'i darllenais eisioes o glawr i glawr - mae'n wych - llawn diddordeb a hynod ddiddorol.
[I have already read it from cover to cover - it is brilliant - full of interest and remarkably interesting.]
Mae'n dangos ymchwil trylwyr tu hwnt ac ymroddiad anghredadwy dros flynyddoedd o waith llyfrgell - mae rhywbeth o ddidordeb ar bob tudalen.
[It shows extremely thorough research and incredible application over years of library work - there is something of interest on every page.]
Mae'r cynhyrchiad gan Glenside Printing yn hyfryd - a'r teitl yn wych o gofiadwy - rwy'n dwli arno!!
[The production by Glenside Printing is lovely - and the title is brilliantly memorable - I love it.]
Amazing research and the whole written in such an approachable style and beautifully produced. Destined to become a classic!
Ann Griffiths, Harpist, Harp Historian and Music Publisher

... a detailed, impressively referenced book ...
Elizabeth Murray, 3x great granddaughter of Lord and Lady Llanover

... it is amazing! So much information.
Mrs June Over

... erudite, well-researched and extremely readable.
Paul Barrett

This story with its illustrations and photographs will be a real compliment to our collection of books.
Brecon Museum and Art Gallery