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Lady Llanofer - the Bee of Gwent


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Under the pseudonym ‘Gwenynen Gwent’ Augusta Hall won a prize of ‘A Seal Ring, with a Welsh Motto engraved on a Welsh Pebble, value £10. 10s.' at the 1834 eisteddfod in Cardiff. The title of the essay was The Advantages Resulting from the Preservation of The Welsh Language and National Costumes of Wales and in it Augusta argued strongly that the preservation of any language leads to a greater sense of nationality and stated :-

‘The fact must certainly be admitted that nationality is desirable as it tends to promote honourable conduct, and by disposing us first of all to love our country, it induces us to wish for its welfare, and next to promote that welfare to the utmost of our abilities.

Y ddraig goch - the red dragon
Y Ddraig Goch

It being allowed then that nationality contains the essentials of Patriotism, it of necessity follows that every circumstance which promotes and fosters that most beneficial quality must be deserving of encouragement; and as it is admitted that the existence of the Welsh language has in an eminent degree contributed to the maintainance [sic] of national feeling, we may surely assert with confidence that the preservation of that language calls for the support of every well-wisher of his country;'

Amongst Lady Llanofer's other literary achievements are the six volumes of The Autobiography and Correspondence of Mary Granville, Mrs. Delany, which she edited, and which were published in 1861 and 62.

In 1867 The First Principles of Good Cookery was published. It is a strange book, in which Lady Llanofer states her opinion on a wide variety of subjects, from home economics to the effect of the Poor Laws. As well as providing the reader with sound advice as to the preparation and cooking of good, nourishing and tasty meals, it has several illustrations, some of which were drawn by Lady Llanofer herself.



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